“Beware the Ides of March!” – A Classical Lesson in Leadership

For the history wonks among us, today, on the Idus Martii (March 15th), it’s exactly 2,060 years ago that Julius Caesar’s life brutally ended at the hands of 60 conspiring senators who stabbed him over 23 times. It was, at best, a Pyrrhic victory that plunged Rome into a series of civil wars, and that, contrary to the conspirators’ goal, expedited the end of the Republic.


No matter what people may think of Caesar’s legacy, this event holds a Classic lesson in leadershipAutocratic leadership – that’s based on a whimsical bouquet of self-aggrandizement, self-importance, and self-interest – will nevertrump (yeah, I chose this word consciously…) an inclusive leadership style.


Rome, as well as its conquered territories, would have been far better off had Caesar not chosen to morph the Roman Republic into an eternal dictatorship. It was a hubris-induced move that didn’t necessarily further the wellbeing of his citizens, and that, ultimately, led to his own demise.


Creating common ground for, and acceptance of your agenda will always offer a more constructive route toward meaningful progress – for everyone!

Ewald Jozefzoon


Ewald has 20+ years of broad b2b and b2c experience helping companies across Europe and the US (1) professionalize & manage their marketing organizations, (2) develop and launch brands, products & services, and (3) create new commercial opportunities based on market & business intelligence.

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