The Meaningful Marketing Manifesto

There are two types of companies: The ones that believe ‘Profit is never enough’ and those that know ‘Profit alone is never enough’. More and more companies are switching sides, choosing the more fulfilling and prosperous life of purpose and Value. Their transition to purpose-driven organizations needs an active role from marketing. It’s a vital role because the whole company will need to buy-in to fundamental changes in the way to do business. But to execute this role effectively, marketing itself is required to change in a way that will make its impact on the company, its customers, and our communities considerably more meaningful.


Frontpage Manifesto

In this manifesto, we put into words what we want to help achieve. It is, in fact, our purpose. You can download our manifesto by clicking on the thumbnail above. Whether you agree or disagree, do not hesitate to let us hear from you. We’d be thrilled to know more about your views on this topic.


Ewald Jozefzoon

Ewald has 20+ years of broad b2b and b2c experience helping companies across Europe and the US (1) professionalize & manage their marketing organizations, (2) develop and launch brands, products & services, and (3) create new commercial opportunities based on market & business intelligence.

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