Purpose Covered From All Angles

Why use anecdotal evidence when you can have quick & easy access to a fact-based SWOT-analysis of your brand purpose? Imagine how much deeper you’ll connect with your markets and stakeholders on the back of deeper brand insights from customers & employees.


Brand Purpose Power (BPP) provides an objective measure of, and actionable insights in, brand purpose performance & progress. It uniquely links customer and employee perspectives on brand purpose in a way no NPS or customer satisfaction study can.

Brand Purpose Power™ | Benefits

Data-driven Approach

BPP is ideal for companies that need or want to make brand purpose measurable

Benchmark & Target Setting

BPP helps companies set benchmarks for brand purpose, making it easier to target and track progress over time

Roadmap For Brand Purpose

BPP helps companies in need of actionable intelligence on how to become more purpose-driven

Raise Internal Awareness

BPP is a useful tool for people who need help putting brand purpose more prominently on the company’s agenda

Quick and Easy Access.

We have validated our BPP™ model based on over a hundred CMO & CEO interviews around the world. It is designed to rapidly extract and consolidate actionable customer & employee insights in your brand’s meaningfulness, extraversion, empathy, and commitment. To be able to run a BPP™ survey, all we’re asking from you:


  • 2 – 3 hours of your time to help us start up the project
  • your employee and customer e-mailcontact details
  • about 10 minutes of employee’s & customer’s time for online input


We will take care of everything else. There will be no hourly billing. Just a simple fixed fee. Contact us to find out more about what’s included in our BPP™ | Customer & Employee Survey.

Ready To Check the Pulse Rate of Your Brand Purpose?

For more details about Brand Purpose Power™, call us on +31 (0)33 455 31 35, e-mail us at info@brandpurpose.nl, or click below to quickly calculate the  price for your BPP™ Customer & Employee Survey.

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