A Data-Driven Approach to Unlocking Your Full Brand Potential

From interviewing 109 CEOs and CMOs, we found the following:

Only 47% of all the value a company delivers, to its customers and to society, is covered in its brand communications.

Being able to fill this sizable awareness gap (53%), being able to have their brand communications better capture the full scope of their delivered value, presents a tremendous brand purpose opportunity to these companies. Unlocking that potential enables them to connect more deeply with their employees and customers.


For this purpose, we developed our Brand Value Palette™ tool. It comes with a data-driven step-by-step approach to helping companies define or redefine their brand purpose. In other words, to help them articulate their ‘why’.

Interactive Process

An interactive process with key internal and external stakeholders (including workshops).

Data-driven Decision-making

We facilitate decision-making with the help of the data we gathered from our Brand Purpose Power™ Surveys.

Internal & External Buy-In

We maximise broad buy-in for defined brand purpose with the help of objective data and stakeholder interaction.

Unlocked Brand Potential

The end-result is a purpose definition of a brand that has fully unlocked it potential.

Brand Value Palette™  Provides a Straightforward, Data-driven Approach To Define Powerful Purposeful Brands.

Our proprietary Brand Value Palette™ tool provides our clients granular insights in their level of value delivered, their level of value communicated, and their level of value perceived. The data is based on external and internal stakeholder input.


Subsequent workshops with key stakeholders will then use the Brand Value Palette™ as a base of reference to arrive at a clear understanding of the company’s ambition, intention, constraints and imperatives. Ultimately, from these elements, a brand purpose statement can be distilled.

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