Purposeful Profitability Data Modelling

Brand purpose is a win-win proposition. Its goal is to maximise profitability purposefully. This means committing to deliver meaningful value to customers and communities, and, in return, rendering sustainable company growth. To prove the business case of brand purpose, we develop data models to measure and link attitudinal and effectiveness metrics to profitability metrics.

Accountable Brand

Accountability to your brand promise backed by the objective brand performance figures.

Accountable Marketing

Availability of brand performance data also makes the marketing team positively accountable for its actions.

Board Level Reporting

Report on your brand and marketing performance in a way even a CFO can understand and appreciate… 🙂

Informed Marketing Planning

Develop a frame of reference  based on brand performance data that makes it easier to do your marketing resource planning.

About Our Data Modelling Projects


Every data warehouse is different in the way data is organised, integrated, analysed and visualised. That’s why we’ll always start a Purposeful Profitability Data Modelling project with a thorough data audit. This includes getting a quick but sound understanding of data availability, data integrity, data compatibility, and data quality.


Although each project will be different, our approach is always the same. We seek a correlation between attitudinal data (NPS, customer satisfaction, etc.), commercial effectiveness data (time to sell, cost to sell, conversion), and profitability metrics (campaign ROI, retention ROI, incremental profit, etc.).


To track and monitor the business effects of purposeful brands, we have to start with producing a benchmark. It is based on this benchmark that we can pinpoint which brand and marketing elements influence business performance.

Ready To Proof Your Brand Purpose Business Case?

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